Modernities - Contending Modernities is a global interdisciplinary research & education initiative examining Catholic, Muslim and secular interactions in the modern world. University of Notre Dame We've detected that JavaScript is disabled in your browser.. Broadcasting Modernity tells the story of this acquisition and the first decade of use, as government officials, producers, and advertisers struggled to define and control the increasingly popular medium.. Contending Modernities is a multi-year, interdisciplinary research and education initiative, co-directed by Scott Appleby, Ebrahim Moosa, and Atalia Omer, in partnership with secular and religious institutions and individuals from around the world.The project seeks to generate new knowledge and greater understanding of the ways in which religious and secular forces interact in the modern world.

Enchanted Modernities A research network on theosophy, modernism and the arts, c. 1875-1960. This conference has been made possible with the support of the following sponsors: For further information please contact: Katie Tyreman . Enchanted Modernities: Theosophy, Modernism and the Arts, c.1875-1960 . Department of History of Art University of. Multiple Modernities. During the last century, artists all over the world increasingly adopted a Modern artistic idiom and attitude, but their works are scarcely mentioned as belonging to Modernism—imagined as a system of Western art.. In this analysis of three generations of women in a Chinese silk factory, Lisa Rofel brilliantly interweaves the intimate details of her observations with a broad-ranging critique of the meaning of modernity in a postmodern age.The author based her study at a silk factory in the city of Hangzhou in eastern China..